So. What Do We Think About…

“When I’m consuming the internet, it feels like the agency dial has been turned to zero. Culture isn’t just in my mind, it’s steering my thinking. And as I spend more time online, I’m getting better at ascertaining the internet’s opinions instead of developing my own.”

Evan Puschak as quoted by Jon Favreau | Offline with Jon Favreau – ChatGPT & the Future of Writing

For years, literal years now, I’ve struggled to effectively communicate my #1 problem with Internet Culture. I’ve said some version of “I need to hear myself think!” to friends over drinks as I explained leaving Twitter, but their polite smiles and nods left me feeling more like the Red String Conspiracy Board meme—or worse, a loathsome Free Thinker—than a reasonable adult asking reasonable questions about how we spend our time.

Read more at Can I Kick It? on Substack.

2 thoughts on “So. What Do We Think About…

    • I LOVE the Solo pod. I discovered it about a month ago and binged the early episodes. The host gets a little repetitive after a while, but I love the perspective.


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