Hi! Glad You’re Here! Now, Find Me on Substack.

So I’ve joined the writing masses on Substack.

What is Substack? Basically blogs that aren’t called blogs because “blogging” isn’t cool.

Seriously, Substack is a newsletter service. You subscribe to your favorite writer, you get them right in your inbox. Or, you use the Substack Reader and see your subscriptions in a feed.

This site hosts snippets of my Substack posts, as well as my archive from 2015-2023. You can peruse my old writing via topic (see: the tag cloud to your right) or chronologically (see: the years on the right).

If you’re ready to take the leap with me, subscribe below.

If not, stay tuned for snippets on this feed.

Subscribe to Can I Kick It? by A Girl Named Rob on Substack.

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