Like I Never Left

I wanted this post to do what I said posts here would do: show off my knack for razor-sharp, well-crafted prose. Unfortunately, I’m not exactly in a razor-sharp place. I’m in an invited chaos into my life because it needed to move and I was too cowardly to move now Life is moving and I’m taking baby steps through the darkness place.

Nonetheless, I’m here with news to share.

The Substack experiment has been cool. I love how easy it is for readers to validate me leave feedback, housing my writing on a site where people come to read, and being where the Cool Kids are.


About a month ago, something inside said “Go back to WordPress.” Maybe it was creative restlessness or Substack’s mission to be the Internet’s New It Girl or my higher self calling, but after a 2/3 coin flip, “Go back to WordPress” won. When I came back didn’t matter. I only knew eventually, I would.


Were I to intellectualize this decision, which I’m trying really hard not to do, I would say my platform-hopping is a desire to reclaim the coolness of mid-aughts Internet when—thanks, Capitalism—the Internet will never be cool again.

I’ll never be one tweet away from having an artist/writer/person I admire “stumble” upon something I’ve written and think it’s dope. I’ll never enjoy the pure, rambunctious sense of community I felt discovering people like me or not at all like me writing interesting, honest accounts of their lives. Or even want to read anyone’s opinion thanks to the DiscourseTM plague rotting our ability to feel, think, or enjoy anything without bludgeoning it to death with Psych-Soc-Econ 101 buzzwords.

It is what it is. R.I.P. Old Internet.

May as well stop trying to make fetch happen. Write where it feels authentic. Under the dope ass banner I created with my name and my name only in the masthead.

So. We back.

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