About Me

A Girl Named Rob.

Elder Millennial. Midwestern. MFA drop out. Internet veteran who has traveled the world from Blogger to WordPress to Twitter to Instagram to find herself back where it all started—on a blog. Formerly known as Skinny Black Girl.

Fan of: writing, Joan Didion and Joan Morgan, amateur Android photography, thoughtful conversations, cuss words, em dashes, music pre-2010 (with some exceptions), smutty audiobooks, history podcasts, brown liquor, and speaking in JAY Z lyrics.

Not a Fan of: living in a crumbling empire, the proliferation of mis- and disinformation, stan culture, iPhone users who think green text bubbles are a me problem, humanitarianism that doesn’t give a shit about humans, dating, and — basically — the Internet in 2023 (except Tumblr — you’re doing amazing, sweetie).

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